For all.

For all.

It’s time we spoke honestly about some of the most vulnerable users on our roadways – those who are at higher risk during every ride and every trip. With Spoke, we can help the world simply be a safer and more dynamically aware place by creating a community that connects us all.

Connectivity is a powerful force of good.
With Spoke we can all speak to help the world simply be a safer place.
We are creating a community where we can go farther by helping each other reach their goal.

If you want to go fast – go alone.
If you want to go far – go together.

African proverb

drives us?

We are all connected by how we ride through life, even though each path chosen is unique. At Spoke, we are dedicated to ensuring that each person arrives safely. Our success will be measured by how we build a better connection – for people and for vehicles.

Introducing Spoke!

Safety is peace of mind. And peace of mind lets us all enjoy the adventure and daily activities powered by our rides.
Imagine an intuitive system that unleashes how you move through your trip by connecting you with the vehicles and traffic participants around you. Imagine a powerful platform that connects you seamlessly with our mobility ecosystem.
Spoke is pioneering transformative, first-of-its-kind C-V2X connected safety and transportation solutions for the most vulnerable in our roadways, working to bring everyone safely home, every time.

Safe. Connected. For all.

Are you
Spoke safe?

Let’s connect and make
the world a safer place.

Become part of the movement!

Safe. Connected. For all.

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Safe. Connected. For all.

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