Spoke is transforming road safety and rider connectivity by delivering the first connected IoT ecosystem for the vulnerable road users (VRU) to deliver contextual awareness and insight for each moment of the journey.

“I didn’t see them.”

the cause of most bicycle and vehicle crashes


The game changer


Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) is an essential technology for safety in mobility that enables vehicles to communicate with each other & save lives.



Spoke has expanded the use of C-V2X so that VRUs are seen by cars & VRUs see the vehicles around them.



Three levels of connectivity with the mobility ecosystem:

  • C-V2X 10x/second direct communication between cars and VRUs
  • LTE/5G Advanced contextual awareness alerts between cars and VRUs
  • Camera Vehicle identification and visualization
VRU2X diagram

3 pillars providing
contextual awareness

1. C-V2X

C-V2X solutions that deliver immediate, anonymous safety alerts, even outside of the range of visual sight

2. LTE & 5G

LTE & 5G connected solutions where you will be able to better identify what’s coming at you while providing a robust portfolio of rider insights

3. Visual

Solutions that make you more visible and helping you see around you



Spoke’s Hardware and UXware system will digitally connect bicycle and other light mobility OEMs with their users – creating a robust partnership where OEMs can enhance and optimize their riders’ experience and engagement.



Our hardware system delivers Spoke’s UX and safety features with game-changing VRU-sized connected computing, displays, cameras and lights.




Our UXware portfolio is segmented into: safety features, security features and ride enriching features. All these features, such as VRU2X™ traffic notifications, connected route navigation, security services, ride, health and fitness experiences, are delivered via the Spoke app, the OEM's digital application or synched with existing 3rd party apps all of which can be accessed over the Spoke bike display or the smart phone.

VRUs see cars
and cars see VRUs.

Connecting the complete mobility ecosystem

Spoke is an open platform approach enabling the collaboration required with others to amplify and accelerate the innovation needed to save lives.


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and variations.


Building next gen safety with invested global partners.

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