Three levels of connectivity with the mobility ecosystem:

  • C-V2X 10x/second direct communication between cars and VRUs
  • LTE/5G Advanced contextual awareness alerts between cars and VRUs
  • Camera Vehicle identification and visualization
VRU2X diagram

3 pillars providing
contextual awareness

1. C-V2X

C-V2X solutions that deliver immediate, anonymous safety alerts, even outside of the range of visual sight

2. LTE & 5G

LTE & 5G connected solutions where you will be able to better identify what’s coming at you while providing a robust portfolio of rider insights

3. Visual

Solutions that make you more visible and helping you see around you

Underpinning these multiple layers of connectivity is Spokeware’s connected IoT ecosystem, which is built on a market-leading digital platform that delivers a tailored experience for each person on each vehicle.

VRUs see cars
and cars see VRUs.



Revolutionary technology

C-V2X direct communication is a revolutionary technology for safety and mobility applications, helping to reduce crashes and incident-related congestion a more seamless mobility experience.

Extended benefits

When talking about the safety benefits that C-V2X solutions can bring to the transport-ation ecosystem, the industry has left the most vulnerable road users out of the equation. For the first time, Spoke will provide dedicated hardware and software to unlock C-V2X communication to the most vulnerable road users.

Reimagining the form factor

Spoke has reimagined the form factor for C-V2X technology. Spoke’s new hardware solution shrunk previously automotive-sized hardware and chip sets to VRU dimensions.

Anonymous accuracy

VRU2X™ unlocks location accuracy through direct digital communication connecting all users anonymously to each other and to the infrastructure 10 times per second.