Mission Statement

Spoke is dedicated to orchestrating a complete digital experience for the most vulnerable on our roadways by connecting them to the mobility ecosystem around them.

What drives us?

We are all united by how we ride through life, even though each path chosen is unique. At Spoke, we believe everyone should have the insights and awareness to enjoy their ride and arrive safely. Our success will be measured by how we build a better connection – for people, for vehicles and for the rider experience.

Promise to our users

Designed for your ride and your safety

Spoke connects you to a tailored experience built on rider insights, engagement and safety.

For the first time ever, we ensure that VRUs (like bikes) see cars and cars see VRUs before the naked eye can detect them.


Promise to our partners

Intensifying your customer relationships.

Spoke connects you digitally to your customer through a holistic, integrated rider system, enhancing their riding experiences and your customer relationship.

By connecting you with the entire mobility ecosystem, Spoke enables you to unleash new AI based data intelligence, business insights and customized services.